Sacred Souls


“Sacred Souls….Southern Modern Rock……with a much heavier sound. ”
The band that is formed between 2 states (Columbus, OH and Lexington/Frankfort, KY) this band has been on the circuit ever since the bands inception in 2006. I know it goes far to say it, but this 4 piece band takes any and every stage by storm. After hearing a few of their tunes which you can hear many of the bands influences in you will ask yourself this one question “Why are these guys not bigger?” Well it will not be long before they are, John Brown (JB-Front man and Lead Guitar) will tell you they are keeping a busy schedule. Already in the works are some top quality music videos to compliment the sound this band presents. I play quite a few of their tracks on my show and for all good reason, “Stand Up” has become a main stay on Uncharted Kaos, with influence and sound of Shinedown, this is the track you will hit the repeat button for, killer bass lines from Jason Abell, backed by some tight drum work from Andy Scott, and of course phenomenal guitar riffs from Rick Osbourne and JB himself . And of course another track that is up and coming and starting to gain some attention is “Before You Die” again just a well put together masterpiece of music, the song gives echoes of a track by “Theory of a Deadman” another one of the bands influences. And in this world of music today there is nothing wrong with that. If you take Sacred Souls as a total package….you get the steal of a lifetime. The drive behind this band will gain them a lot of attention on the national scene before you know it. Like a said a Modern Rock band from the South…..only much heavier. I think the next year will have a lot in store for Sacred Souls, looking at the fan base already there is only one way this band can go, and that’s up. So like me, stay tuned, as I am sure JB will tell you, there is a lot more coming, new tunes, videos, and shows these guys will be the one band you don’t want to miss, if the tour is near you home town. 2016 could very well be the ground breaking year for these guys. \m/
Rich Kaos
Host of “Uncharted Kaos”
- Neue Regel Radio

“In the same vein as Seether, Staind, Shinedown, 3 Doors Down and Theory of a Deadman, Sacred Souls hits hard musically (but no so hard you can’t make out the lyrics). Modern metal, with a radio ready sound. Sacred Souls is hardcore, but their pro delivery on the vocals sets them apart (among other things).”
- Cincy Vibe


“Flat out Amazing! Possibly my new favorite band! Their catchy hooks and driving melodies with 1 of the best rhythm sections out there right now!”
- Michael Holycross - Holycross Productions


“Keep the hit parade going, one album that is hard to pick a single! Let alone a favorite!!! John Brown is an Amazing singer!”
-  Joe Viers Sonic Lounge Studios


“A great band that is extremely professional and well prepared, Awesome!”
- Hippy Head - Hippy Head Radio


“Sacred Souls gives the new meaning to Kentucky Horsepower!!! Their melodic sensibilty and catchy hooks will have you beggin for more!”
- Matt Smith,98.3 WPKO - Matt Smith @ 98.3 WPKO


“Sacred Souls did a fantastic job on the morning show! Our listeners really enjoyed it. During the interview they were full of personality and very funny, giving listeners a real chance on getting to know them. Sacred Souls also sung 2 songs live on the air and it was flawless! Sacred Souls will be always welcome on The Mindy Morning Show!”
- Mindy Abbott - MindyMorning Show 103.7 The Star


“This is a band you don't want to miss!!! The best up & coming band out there!”
- Dorothy Howard - Headzupproductions


“Now I see what all the hype is about!”
- Mudd - 93.1 The Fox



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